Tips for Traveling to Jerusalem with Your Children

Tips for Traveling to Jerusalem with Your Children

Having small children doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams of traveling or seeing amazing historical places like the city of Jerusalem.  Chances are that once you find out about the amazing attractions there, you’ll be looking through the holyland tours packages to see where to go next.

Visiting Jerusalem with children can be an incredible experience.  First of all, the food is fantastic; and if they’re picky, the variety of eateries will not disappoint.  The locals are extremely friendly, and that’s not just advertisement found in the holyland tours’ leaflets.

You’ll certainly want to start your visit to Jerusalem with the biblical zoo.  As stated on all the holyland tours’ brochures, you’ll have the opportunity to see almost every species that Noah packed into the ark.  It’s important you protect yourself and the little ones from the rays of the sun with sun-screen, a hat, and sunglasses; and don’t forget to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.  If traveling with toddlers, take them to see the “wet side story,” an attraction that features age appropriate activities.

Continue the journey to the Western Wall and inquire about the underground tours.  Your children will cherish the adventure-like experience while traversing 88 meters of tunnels.  And if time allows, don’t miss the 500 meter long Hezekiah’s Tunnel, where they’ll feel like Indiana Jones as they discover the way to the Pool of Shiloah.

Walk through the busy Mahana Yehuda market.  It’s a superb spot where both you and the kids will get the opportunity to sample some of the local delicacies; allow them to pick their favorites and head out for a picnic.

If the weather should not cooperate with your plans, fret not.  In Jerusalem, as you’ll see in the holyland tours’ pamphlets, there’s plenty to keep the family entertained, even in city center jerusalem.  The Israel Museum, for instance, is a great place to pass the time.  It offers great programs for kids of all ages.  And don’t leave without stopping by the Ruth Youth Wing featuring fun, educational pursuits.

When choosing a hotel from the list on your holyland tours, consider the ones that advertise special packages for families with children.  This will help you save some money.  And if you’d like to enjoy a night on the town, select accommodations that offer babysitting services.

You’ll certainly agree that holyland tours are perfect for the entire family.

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